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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 121 - How to Maximise Your Facebook Reach

Podcasts, Social Media

Ciaran and Daniel share their top tips on how to increase the reach of your digital content in Facebook using some simple techniques and measuring what your audience really likes.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 120 - Controversial Content Marketing Techniques

Podcasts, Content Marketing

Daniel and Ciaran discuss  a couple digital marketing tools that we think offer amazing functionality but which need to be used responsibly.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 119 - Email Marketing Best Practice

Podcasts, Email Marketing

Daniel and Ciaran discuss Email Marketing best practice and share their top tips for effective mass email communication with your highly valuable engaged email subscribers.

Digital Strategy Measurement Framework

Blog Posts, Analytics & Data/ Digital Strategy/ Ecommerce

This posts outlines a tried and tested framework for planning and implementing a digital marketing measurement framework that can help with planning and understanding the effectiveness of a digital strategy. It includes a step by step...

Calculating PPC Spend Value

Infographics, PPC

Some keywords in Google's PPC are very expensive - Why?  

Guide to Programmatic Advertising Jargon

Infographics, Online Advertising

If you’ve ever taken an interest in the fast evolving world of Online Advertising and particularly Programmatic Advertising (the use of systems to automatically buy and sell advertising), you’ll very quickly see that our love of jargon...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 118 - How to Guide: Setting up a YouTube Channel

Podcasts, Content Marketing

Daniel and Ciaran discuss setting up a YouTube Channel highlighting some of the key things they have learned while setting up various channels for Target Internet and Clients. Find us on YouTube Transcription services Check out our...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 117 - Discover Twitter's Periscope

Podcasts, Content Marketing/ Social Media

Daniel introduces us to Periscope, a great new tool from Twitter that enables you to broadcast live video events directly from your mobile. Not only do you have the ability to stream live events, but you can also save the video to provide...

Usability Testing in 6 Steps

Infographics, Usability

Usability is often seen as fairly subjective topic, with different people having different ideas of what usable is and isn’t. In reality Usability can give you us a very process orientated approach to improving our websites, apps and...

4 Advanced Content Marketing Techniques Infographic

Infographics, Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become well established set of techniques for al decent digital marketers, but as the interest an use of Content Marketing increases, so does the volume of content being produced. That means any content we produce must...
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